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 Rules for this forum

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PostSubject: Rules for this forum   Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:57 am

1. No flaming or directing an insult at another user. Not only is this rude, it also makes the forums seem somewhat of a flaming ground. If anyone of you receives a pm with an insult directed at you or any other users, please do inform any of the admins or mods and this matter will be looked into thoroughly.

2. No cursing or swearing is allowed.To uphold this rule, a censor system has been placed in the forums.

3. The third and most important rule of all, no spamming!I guess we all know why this rule is in place.Neither is it pleasant nor does it make finding a post easy, you should understand what i mean.

4. No double, triple or quadruple post as mentioned above. However it would be inevitable sometimes for a double/triple post if there somehow happens to be some lag on your computer.Just make it a pont not to let it happen too frequently.

5. Reviving of topics. Revive topic only when necessary or if you are the creator of the topic.Otherwise, please refrain from reviving topics which are
>More than 2-3 weeks old
>More than 3-5 pages ago

6. Do not post any links to any of the following:
>Illegal material (Emulaters, illegal music downloads)
>Contain offenisve material
>Pornographic material (No one would want to visit a site with countless links to pornographic material.)
>Spyware or any other related material
Links which you are not supposed to post are not limited to those of the above, there are many others which i think many of us already know and there is no use saying it over and over again.

7. This ain't a rule, but please refrain from giving out personal information about yourself.
Examples would be:
>Last name
>Personal contact information such as your number and other related stuff.

Violation of any of the rules will result in a warning, subsequent violations will result in a permanent or a temporary ban depending on the gravity of the offence.

I hope everyone can watch what they type and control themselves.

Lastly, enjoy your stay here.

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Rules for this forum
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